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RH550 Hammers 5 Inch

Roschen down-the-hole hammers are reliable drilling workhorses that stand up to the most demanding conditions you can find. A valveless air cycle provides consistent drilling performance and reliability foot after foot and year after year. Some models are available with integrated jetted backheads as well as bit retainer systems for deep-hole drilling applications.


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DTH Hammer Using Functions:

Our down-the-hole (DTH) hammer is a new type of valveless hammer driven by compressed air. It is the ideal rock drilling tool with advantages of large impact energy, high penetration rate, long service life, good efficiency of drilling cuttings removal, easy operation, and reliable working performance.

They are suitable to use in:

1. Drilling blasting holes, drainage and ventilating holes, center holes of raising boring, deep blasting holes in traditional drilling and blasting method of raising, pipe holes and other deep holes in all of various strength rocks in open pit and underground mining.
2. Drilling holes in road cutting and other stone constructions (e. g. ports and hydroelectric station constructions, etc.).
3. Drilling water wells, exploratory boreholes and injected holes.

This hammer can work with dry dust collection and also with wet dust removal using mixture of air and water.

The specific DTH hammers as follow:
TS series: for deep hole and super deep hole drilling
TG series: for drying drilling
TH series: for wet drilling

All our Hammers can be easily adapted to accept different types of bit shanks as COP, BR, DHD, SD, XL QL, MACH, Halco and Mission by simply changing a few basic components. Several models are available in Heavy-Duty format to suit particularly arduous and abrasive drilling conditions.

ROSCHEN Rock Drilling & Exploration Drilling Tools provide various DTH Hammers and Bits, and Wirline Core Bit, Core Barrel, overshot, etc. Please feel free to send us your inquiries & requirements, our professional sales & engineers teams will reply to you promptly with satisfactory answers.




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