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Coring system

  • Casing Shoe

    Casing ShoeCasing shoe CSUMX Diamond Casing Shoe For HW NW PW HWT PWT Diamond Drilling Tools CSUMX Diamond Casing Shoe The CSUMX casing shoe is designed for all exploration and geo-technical casing applications. The ability to drill faster with high penetration rates and outperform existing shoe technology...

  • Tungsten Carbide Tip Bit

    Tungsten Carbide Tip BitTungsten Carbide Tip Core Bit B116 T. C. (Tungsten Carbide) Metric Core Bit for Geotechnical Investigation Exploration Core Drilling Product Description: Tungsten Carbide Core Bits are designed especially for soil investigation and geotechnical drilling, but also suitable in some applications...

  • Non Coring Bit

    Non Coring BitNon Coring Bit Terracore poly diamond chrystaline non coring bits Core Sampling The Terracore range also includes non-coring bits for open-hole drilling and hole cleaning. The non-coring bit range also provides complementary bit tools for drilling grout holes. The Terrcore range offers a diamond...