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Coring system

  • Concentric Drilling And Casing System

    Concentric Drilling And Casing SystemRoschen CDC system can be used to install casings in many different types of overburdens, and in all types of natural formations. The CDC system drills straight holes and penetrates boulders easily. The system is designed for use with permanent casings, which are welded together progressively during drilling and left in the hole. It can be used to drill and case comparatively deep holes, depending on the application, hole inclination, and ground conditions.

  • Non Coring Bit

    Non Coring BitNon Coring Bit Terracore poly diamond chrystaline non coring bits Core Sampling The Terracore range also includes non-coring bits for open-hole drilling and hole cleaning. The non-coring bit range also provides complementary bit tools for drilling grout holes. The Terrcore range offers a diamond...

  • Tubex 140 System Down The Hole Drilling

    Tubex 140 System Down The Hole DrillingTubex 140 system TUBEX XL Product range Reaming diameter 187 mm for Overburden tools TUBEX XL Product range Below is a presentation of Roschen's systems of Overburden tools. DTH casing advancement systems Roschen Tubex system quality can be replaced of by Boart Longyear tubex system, atlas...