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Drill rod

  • Adaptors For DTH Drill Rods

    Adaptors For DTH Drill RodsAdaptors for DTH Drill Rods Drill pipe adapter Drill pipe adapter called drill pipe subs, or drill pipe protection joint Roschen produced drill pipe joints with double lift shoulder (double top) structure. This structure can enhance the sealing of the joint, so that the pressure of the mud...

  • Subs For DTH Drill Rods

    Subs For DTH Drill RodsSubs for DTH Drill Rods DTH Drill Rods (Tubes or Pipes) & Sub Adapters General Introduction: DTH drill rods (also called as drill tubes or drill pipes) are the mechanism to transmit impact force and rotation torque to DTH hammers and bits, as well as offer pass for the air flow. In...