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Secoroc COP 44 Gold

  • Secoroc QLX 60 , 65 Down The Hole Hammer

    Secoroc QLX 60 , 65 Down The Hole HammerQLX 60/65 DTH Hammer Specifications 1. Field-proven check system. 2. Robust detent system. 3. Proven Quantum Leap air cycle provides "power" for 80% of piston down stroke. 4. Air Select system allows selectable timing to maximize hammer performance to match air package. 5. Reversible casing to maximize wear. 6. Industry leading QL style shank.

  • Secoroc RC BITS AND SHROUDS FOR RE052, RE547 HAMMERS Size 5 ~ 51/2inch

    Secoroc RC BITS AND SHROUDS FOR RE052, RE547 HAMMERS Size 5 ~ 51/2inchRoschen range of high quality Reverse Circulation RC drill bits were specifically designed to work with our RC Hammers. Because of our drill bit sealing mechanism, sample contamination problems are not an issue. Using our unique 12 spline shank design, these RC Bits provide outstanding performance and reliability.

  • COP DTH Hammer

    COP DTH HammerCOP DTH Hammer Hammers Selecting the right hammer The optimum range of hole size for blast hole drilling with DTH is 90 mm to 254 mm (3 ½"–10"). Smaller blast holes are generally drilled using top hammer, and larger holes generally use rotary machines. In other applications, like...

  • COP 32 34 42 44 54 64 DTH Bits Drilling For Australia Mining

    COP 32 34 42 44 54 64 DTH Bits Drilling For Australia MiningOur variety of Down the Hole drill bits is manufactured using high quality materials to provide you with a fine balance between penetration capability and bit life. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and made to order drill bits on an extensive selection of shanks with a wide variety of head designs to suit every project. ROSCHEN DTH bits are interchangeable with these famous bits with CIR, Bulroc, Mission, Mach, DHD, SD, QL, Atlas Copco, Secoroc, Boart Longyear, etc. series shank.

  • 6 Inch DTH Drilling With DHD QL SD COP Shank

    6 Inch DTH Drilling With DHD QL SD COP ShankDTH hammers are ranges six main series from 3.5" to 24",it serves to drilling projects in mining,water well,geothermal, foundation,oil and gas.Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by hole size and rock formation.We design our hammers with different outstanding advantages,and provide the various shanks for international use. We are the only manufacturer to offer the optimum performance and the competitive price in every single application.

  • COP Button Bits

    COP Button BitsCOP Button Bits Roschen ROS series down the hole(DTH) bits has the broadest range of hammers, bits, and related equipment of any supplier in the world. This means more choices for you. It means you can work with the strongest support network in the industry, regardless of your equipment needs....