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Soil penetration test

  • Mission DTH Hammer

    Mission DTH HammerMission DTH Hammer DTH hammers Hammers that drive productivity Roschen hammers combine high power and speed with low fuel consumption. They are tried and tested in demanding applications the world over. You can be assured our extensive offering will deliver results. With the flexibility to work...

  • QL DTH Hammer

    QL DTH HammerQuantum Leap (QL) DTH Hammer Introduction: Our Quantum Leap product line is available for those seeking a good balance between strong performance and cost. This product line was the industry's first hybrid-combination of valve and valve less air cycled down-hole drills. Setting many industry...

  • Numa DTH Hammer

    Numa DTH HammerNuma hammer The World's Leaders in Rock Drilling Equipment Down The Hole (DTH) Hammers, Drills and Bits Roschen is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of rock drilling equipment for drilling holes from 3½ – 48 inches (89 – 1219mm) in diameter Our commitment gives our customers the...

  • 8 Inch Mission 80 DTH Products Hammer High Speed Penetration

    8 Inch Mission 80 DTH Products Hammer High Speed PenetrationROSCHEN offer IR hammer, DHD3.5, DHD340a, DHD360, DHD380,COP and QL hammer.The optimum range of hole size for blast drilling with DTH is 90mm to 254mm,smaller blast holes are generally drilled using top hammer, and larger holes generally use rotary machines. Our hammer like COP and QL are known fort heir reliability and longevity.

  • Halco DTH Hammer

    Halco DTH HammerHalco DTH Hammer DTH HAMMERS Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by the hole sizes and type of rock formation. Ideally, the size of the hammer should match the required hole dimension as closed as possible, leaving just enough space for cuttings to evacuate the hole. Roschen offers a...