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  • Diamond Button Bits Grinder

    Diamond Button Bits GrinderDiamond button bits grinder This high powered grinding head, primarily designed to be used in the powerful hand held pneumatic button bit grinder, is configured for hand-held use by ergonomic placement of a very efficient throttle and support handle. Simplicity in design combined with the latest...

  • Button Bits Grinder

    Button Bits GrinderButton Bit Grinder ROSCHEN Pneumatic hand-held Button bit grinder machine (CME button bit grinder,pneumatic button bit grinder) Grinding machine for button bits, grinding pins, Hexagon grinding cup for drill bit, grinding carbide, button bit, DTH bit, tungsten carbide, air flush, water flush,...

  • Button Bits Grinding Pin

    Button Bits Grinding PinButton Bit Sharpening Hard rock drill bits have Tungsten carbide “buttons” that become dull and flat during the drilling process. These buttons can be refurbished to extend the service life of the drill bit. An 89mm diameter drill bit can have approx. 1.5mm of steel removed in 15 minutes. The...