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polycrystalline diamond drill bits

  • Matrix Bond PDC Drill Bit

    Matrix Bond PDC Drill BitPDC Drill Bits Matrix PDC Our Matrix PDC product line is made with the manufacturing technology from the mold to the finished product. Our bits are made with the highest quality products and the latest cutter technology. We offer a wide range of cutting structures and blade configurations made...

  • PDC Drill Bits

    PDC Drill BitsPDC Bits Increase Efficiency with Silver Bullet PDC Drill Bits For more than 60 years, our team at ROSCHEN Drilling Accessories has been committed to providing the best products at affordable prices. We have extensive experience working in the energy industry and understand that the job often...

  • Steel Body PDC Drill Bit

    Steel Body PDC Drill BitSteel Body PDC Drill bits Steel PDC Steel Body PDC has a number of advantages with their compact malleable steel unibody construction. 1. Reduced makeup length for improved build rates and directional response 2. Maximum face volume and junk slot area combined with optimized nozzle placement...