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tricone rock bit

  • Bicone Drill Bit

    Bicone Drill BitBicone Drill Bits Drill Bits Rock destruction options for every drilling application Choose the best drill bit for your application from the broadest portfolio in the oil and gas industry. Using the most advanced design technology, Smith Bits can optimize any bit to fit your specific drilling...

  • Single Cone Bit Tricone Drill Bit

    Single Cone Bit Tricone Drill BitSingle Cone Bit Tricone Drill Bit Tricone IADC537 4 1/8" single cone bits for soft rock formation drilling Single cone bit is a bit slow, that cone drill bit of speed than the speed of smaller, mainly chaotic cutting rock, suitable for high-speed, high pressure drilling wells sidetracking...

  • Tricone Drill Bit

    Tricone Drill BitTricone Roller Cone Drill Bits Drilling Bits Soft formations Soft and soft sticky-Highly drillable formations such as clay, marl, gumbo and unconsolidated sands. Soft-medium-Low compressive strength sands, shales and anhydrites with hard layers intermixed. Medium formations Medium-Moderate...

  • Hole Opener

    Hole OpenerHole Opener Hole Opener Corporation (HOC) offers specialized drilling equipment for underreaming, hole opening, and well abandonment - both domestically and internationally, as well as logistical and operational services including: pre-well planning, proper tool selection and adaptation of...